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Roller blinds

Indoor shades for large windows.

Due to the endless selection of fabrics and especially their usefulness, the roller blinds are the perfect choice for shading and decorating all interior spaces. With roller blinds you will bring just the right amount of classic blinds into your space. There are several versions available that differ from one another in terms of shape, dimensions, materials and mounting method.

Three versions.


The classic free-hanging roller blind is one of the simplest interior blinds. It is lifted and lowered by a spring, chain or mono-command bar. The classic roller blind can be upgraded with a cassette, into which the winding tube with the cloth is folded.



Interior roller blinds can be upgraded with stainless steel mechanisms that provide an attractive appearance in the room. There are several types of inox systems available. With decorative chains, you can achieve the ultimate modern design in space.


Mini-cassete roller blind

The roller blind with the mini cassette is the perfect choice for dimming the room. It is suitable for smaller windows. Side guides that attach to the window profile make sure, that light doesn't escape from the sides into the room. The fabric is rolled into a cassette.

The one for you.
Fabrics of favourite colors. Choose yours.

When choosing fabric for interior shutters we have to be aware of the function that the fabric will have. Available fabrics offer total dimming, semi-translucent or purely decorative effect. There are many patterns, colors and combinations to choose from. You can see a wide selection of fabrics in our salons in Novo mesto or in Ljubljana, where you will surely find the right one for yourself.

From close up.


App, sensors, remote, switch, by hand ...

Magic light - double fabric

Double fabric allows light to be adjusted to the room.

Mounting multiple roller blinds inside one cover.

A cover that hides the carriers and canvas. Multiple rolls can be installed in one cassette.

Cover for one roller blind

Oval cover, covering one roller blind.

Printing on fabrics

Latex print by your wishes.

Roller blinds for big windows

Useful and aesthetic solution for shading large or multiple windows simultaneously.

Technical information.

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