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Tenda R95

An awning for those, who want more.

The R95 cassette awning features integrated LED lights in the hands and cassette, which sets it apart from other cassette awnings. In aesthetically pleasing cassette, the canvas and spring arms are completely protected from the weather inconveniences.


The comfort of shading.
Premium look and quality.

The R95 cassette awning has the unique look of a high quality product. It is suitable for larger sizes that also require longer awning ranges. It reaches up to 800 cm in length, while the maximum span is 425 cm.

In the aluminum arms and in the awning cassette profile, LED lights are integrated to provide a comfortable feeling of staying at your patio.

From close up.


App, sensors, remote, switch, by hand ...

Changing the inclination

You can change the awning inclination for up to 45°.

Cassette section

Cassette with visible awning's hand.

Integrated lights

Lights for a cosy evening ambient.

Fold on the arms.

Strong fold on awning's arms.

The one for you.
Shade, similar to natural. Choose yours.

The awnings have built-in acrylic fabrics from renowned manufacturer Sattler, for which we are also the exclusive agent for Slovenia. High quality fabrics are water repellent, impregnated, resistant to algae and mildew and have high UV resistance. In addition to acrylic, materials such as Soltis, Screen, Serge or PVC canvases are also available. You can see a wide selection of canvases in our showrooms in Novo mesto or Ljubljana.

Technical information.

Max lenght: 800 cm
Max span: 425 cm

SunTop (by switch)
SunTop 868 (by remote control)
MonoCom - 1 channel remote control
LumeroCom - 1 channel remote control (Switch-over)
VarioCom – 6 channel remote control (Switch-over)
MultiTel - 15 channel remote control
TempoTel - 20 channel remote control with timer
MultiTec TOUCH - 20 channel wall controller for smart control
MonoTec-868 - 1 channel wall mounted remote control
QuinTec-868 - 5 channel wall mounted remote control
Aero-868 - sun-wind sensor (windmill)
Aero-868 PLUS - sun-wind sensor (windmill + additional battery)
Protero-868 - wind sensor (on vibrations)
Sensero-868 - wind sensor
Sensero-868 PLUS - wind-rain sensor
CenteroHOME PLUS - Elero Smart Management System

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Data is collected at the company’s headquarters or upon purchase of the product.

Trenutno ni na voljo.


– (+386) 7 39 30 932 (NM: Mon-Fri: 7-16 h, Sat: 8-12 h | LJ: Mon-Fri: 9-16 h)
Showrooms Novo mesto (Podbevškova ulica 31), Ljubljana (Celovška cesta 147B).


Visit us at our showrooms in Novo mesto or in Ljubljana.


We offer measurement and installation for all our products.

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