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Pleated insect screens

Adjusted to you and your home.

Pleated insect screen is a folding insect screen that protects us not only from mosquitoes, but also from all other unwanted insects. It is used to close larger openings such as sliding door. It consists of folding pleated nets. As it takes up very little space, it is possible to use it under an external blind or shutter.

Unnoticeable, when we want so.
Accordion folding.

Pleated insect screens can be folded and therefore don’t block the view when not in use. The versions of pleated insect screens are different, either as single or double pleated doors. For a single system, the insect screen can be closed to the left or right, and for a dual system to the center from the left or right side, where it is closed together with a magnet. Pleated insect screen can also be opened from the center towards the sides.

The one for you.
Colors that follow trends. Choose yours.

The color of the insect screen can perfectly match the color of your window frame. Aluminum profiles are powder coated, so the color does not fade. The standard collection includes white, brown, gray, anthracite and structural gray, but if you want to harmonize the color perfectly with the tone of the object, RAL card coloring is possible. All ALU profiles also have the ability to look as wood.

Choose your net.​
Nets with purpose. Choose yours.

Quality insect screen is distinguished by quality net. Its purpose is to prevent the entry of unwanted insects into the space. In most cases, the nets are made of plastic-coated glass fibers, resistant to UV rays and other external influences. They are made of different materials and densities.  Pleated mesh is welded and reinforced with string. Our offer includes Standard and Metal net.


Standard net is the most classic type of net. It is made of wrinkled and welded polypropylene fabric.


The Metal mesh is additionally toughened and is suitable for preventing bigger animals from entering the space.

From close up.

Low profile

For a carefree step at the passage.

Deepened edge for opening

Insect screen doesn't need additional handle, so it takes up less space.

Under exterior blinds

Because it takes up little space, it is possible to use under exterior blinds, shutters, ...

ALU profile

Section of frame and side profile.

Technical information.


Thickness 22 mm:
Max. height: 275 cm
Max. width: 250 cm

Double + thickness 22 mm:
Max. height: 275 cm
Max. width: 500 cm

Thickness 17 mm:
Max. height: 260 cm
Max. width: 190 cm

Double + thickness 17 mm:
Max. height: 260 cm
Max. width: 380 cm


Standard: RAL 7016 (anthracit)
Standard: DB 703 (structural grey)
Standard: RAL 9006 (grey)
Standard: RAL 9010 (white)
Standard: RAL 8019 (brown)
Standard: Wood imitation
By order: your RAL 

Not available at the moment

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