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Pleated blinds

The shade exactly where you need it.

Pleated blinds are an excellent shading system, suitable for all types of window openings, skylights or irregular shaped windows. The accordion-shaped blind is mounted directly on the glass surface, so it does not obstruct us at opening and closing the windows.

Up, down, in-between.
A shade anywhere on the window.

Pleated blinds can be controlled by a handle or a rope brake. An innovative bottom-up and top-down system allows us to have a certain degree of privacy, while simultaneously letting the light into the room. This is so far not possible by any other shade.

The one for you.
Fabrics of favorite colors. Choose yours.

When choosing fabric for interior shutters we have to be aware of the function that the fabric will have. Available fabrics offer total dimming, semi-translucent or purely decorative effect. There are many patterns, colors and combinations to choose from. You can see a wide selection of fabrics in our salons in Novo mesto or in Ljubljana, where you will surely find the right one for yourself.

From close up.

Skylight pleated blind

Reinforced fabric without hanging.

Double fabric pleated blind

Dimmable and translucent fabric. Double canvas provides better thermal insulation.

String operation

Where we can't reach hand operation.

XL pleated blind

For large window shading.

Irregular shapes

Blinds for irregular shaped windows.

Technical information.

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Visit us at our showrooms in Novo mesto or in Ljubljana.


We offer measurement and installation for all our products.

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