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Panel curtains

Shade for panoramic windows and partition walls.

Panel curtains can be used to shade large panoramic glass surfaces, but can also serve as a partition wall in a room. The combination of different patterns and fabrics, mounted on a minimalist system of rail guides, allows unlimited varieties to enhance objects or spaces.

Contemporary classics.
Shading with consecutive panels.

What separates the panel curtains from the other interior blinds is the combination of different panels to create an effective shading system. The panel curtain consists of a multi-track curtain rod and fabric panels. There are several different widths of each panel, which depends on the width of the entire curtain rod and the number of tracks.

The one for you.
Fabrics of favourite colors. Choose yours.

Panel curtains are a great way to effectively darken the space or decorate the interior of the room. There are many patterns, colors and decorative elements available. Different fabrics can be combined to achieve a visual effect and a level of shading. You can find a wide range of fabrics at our salons in Novo mesto or in Ljubljana, where you will surely find the right one for yourself.

From close up.

Curtain rod with 2-5 rails

Choose the no. of rails and panels.

Large surface shading

Shading of large panoramic windows or dividing walls with panel curtains.

Technical information.

Max curtain rod width: 500 cm
Max. nr. of rails: 5

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