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Privacy Policy
Senčila Medle d.o.o. it respects the privacy of users and undertakes to protect the information obtained from its website in accordance with the applicable laws governing the protection of personal data and unsolicited communication.

A user who enters his or her personal information through the website into an online form or at the specified Email address for the purpose of requesting a product or service, gives his / her personal consent for the processing of his / her personal information, which allows the company to collect, obtain, enter, edit, accesses, stores, or otherwise processes his personal information, which he keeps in personal data files.

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The User is aware that by submitting the unsubscribe to info@medle.eu, he or she may at any time request the Company to cease using its personal information for direct marketing purposes set out in this statement. The company will prevent the user from continuing to use his or her personal information for direct marketing purposes within 15 days of receiving the request.

SENČILA MEDLE d.o.o., Podbevškova ulica 31, 8000 Novo mesto, tax ID SI72882875, registration number 2320215000 (hereinafter: the company) has a long tradition in the production of indoor, outdoor blinds and mosquito nets.

It wants to inform all customers about its product range, updates, trends and changes in the field of shading / weather protection (we collect data to send messages with marketable content).

The Company collects the following personal information from its customers for the purpose of sending messages with marketable content:

Name and surname
Company name (for legal entities)
Email address

By providing information to the company Senčila Medle d.o.o. you agree to the use of this information for the purposes of marketing our products.

Cookies are nothing new, we all have a lot of cookies stored on our computers, tablets and cell phones from different websites. What is new is that with the new legislation (ZEKom-1), there is a change in the information or communication. visitors’ consent to their use.

What are cookies?
These are small text files that most websites store on devices that users access the Internet to identify the specific devices that users have used when accessing. Their storage is under the full control of the browser that the user has – this can be limited or disabled if the cookies are stored. Cookies are not harmful and are always limited in time.

Why are cookies needed?
They are fundamental to providing user-friendly online services. The interaction between the web user and the website is faster and easier with the help of cookies. With their help, the site remembers the individual’s preferences and experiences, saving time and making browsing the sites more efficient and friendly.

Here are some specific examples of cookies:

    to improve the user experience of the website, we tailor the content to visitors based on past visits
    to save your selection when creating shortlisted devices and offers and compare them
    we keep you logged in on parts of sites where sign-in is required
    to identify your device (computer, tablet, cellphone) that allows you to customize the content displayed on your device
    to monitor your visit, allowing you to check the effectiveness of your content delivery and the relevance of your ads, and to continually improve your pages
    certain services are indispensable (eg online banks, online shops and other forms of e-commerce,…)

Disabling cookies

You decide whether to allow cookies to be stored on your device. You can control and change your cookie settings in your web browser.

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