internal blinds

internal blinds


Pleated blinds

  • - A shade exactly where you need it
  • - Substitutes an ordinary curtain
  • - Option of dimmed or (semi)translucent fabric
internal blinds

Roller blinds

  • - Shading large or multiple windows
  • - Possibility of total dimming on the window
  • - Option of smart operation
internal blinds

Vertical blinds

  • - Regulating light by turning the slats
  • - Opening from different positions
  • - possibility of shading slopes and rounds.

Panel curtains

  • - Shading of large panoramic windows
  • - As a room partition
  • - You can choose the number and size of panels
internal blinds

Wooden venetian blinds

  • - Regulating light by turning the wooden slats
  • - Natural warmth of wood
  • - Selection of different wood sorts

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