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Glass wall

For a clear sight out.

The glass wall is designed to easily and efficiently close large areas, both public and private. It is used to close terraces, balconies, pergolas, interior spaces … It takes up little space and allows one wall to be stacked behind another.

Moving wall.
Sliding on guide rails.

The glass walls move one after another along parallel guides, with each panel moving along its drain. This prevents them from colliding with each other. Water tightness is esensured by intermediate seals. The bottom profile is extremely low and has the ability to be installed in the floor. The walls can be completely opened, closed, or left in intermediate positions.

Closing the pergolas.

Glass walls are designed to close larger openings. They are a very practical solution for closing the sides of bioclimatic pergolas, which are otherwise completely open. This allows staying under it even during the chillier months, they prevent the rain from seeping inside at rainfalls and at the same time ensure a clear view to the outside.

The one for you.
Colors that follow trends. Choose yours.

The color of the glass wall guide rails can perfectly match the color of the construction to whitch it is fixed. Aluminum profiles are powder coated, so the color does not fade. The standard collection includes white and anthracite, but if you want to harmonize the color perfectly with the tone of the object, RAL card coloring is possible. All ALU profiles also have the ability to look as wood.

From close up.

Handle for opening

For moving the walls left or right.

Low guides with rails

Each glass panel moves along its own rail, making it impossible to collide with each other.

Technical information.

3 PANELS: 72mm rail width, maximum dimensions up to 330 x 300

4 PANELS: 93mm wide, maximum dimensions up to 440 x 300 cm

5 PANELS: guide width 114 mm, maximum dimensions up to 550 x 300 cm

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