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Frequently Asked Questions

When choosing the awnings it is important to pay attention to a geographical location (wind, precipitation, sea salt, sky side – the sun’s movement …), placement in space (especially with an appropriate choice of model and colour) and the quality of materials (acrylic canvas, stainless steel screws, powder dyed strong construction). We will give you a detailed professional consultation on all options in order to make your decision regarding awning purchase much easier. Very important information includes detailed instructions for use and maintenance as well as warnings about the dangers that must be adhered to (closing the awnings in the case of strong wind, snow,ventilation of the awnings, danger to children, risks of improper installation, dismantling, repairings, etc.).

The awning systems are very diverse: the base systems may be in the cassette or without it, they may be operated with the help of an electric motor or by hand with additional options for easy separate operatings of the awning slope, bottom profile with integrated vertical roller shutter, optional side roll and the possibility of installing a heater for colder days, lighting … Acrylic canvases have different characteristics: in addition to basic acrylic canvases special Reflectcanvas are also available, which has a mirror coating and therefore reflects more solar radiation and heat; self-extinguishing canvas; Screen and Soltis canvas … Color trends are moving from striped into monochrome color.

If we understand the garden as a place that is more or less away from the house, then freestanding awnings are the most suitable ones. These include various pergolas, sail awnings, canopies, shades – umbrellas … Blinds can only have the function of shading (sail awnings – umbrellas …), but they can be completely self-contained and a closed system for various weather conditions. In addition to shading they allow a comfortable and pleasant stay even in bad weather conditions. Blinds have the option of mounting a variety of decorative lamps, heaters, audio equipment, … usually they are fixed into the ground, subject to the type of the ground (concrete, wood, grassy …).

Shades are generally mounted on the object itself when balconies and terraces are a part of the building. Most systems use a variety of awnings and more recently, sail awnings as well. These blinds also have an option to mount accessories (lighting, heaters, audio equipment, miscellaneous decorative accessories …). Balconies can be shaded by the screen blinds and the so-called markizoleta dislocation, which are mounted vertically.

Awnings are an indispensable accessory when you want to take advantage of the external surface for a pleasant and comfortable stay.

Different types of awnings can cover smaller canopies, balconies as well large terraces, gardens, restaurants and pergolas.

The awnings are largely exposed to the weather, so the quality of the materials incorporated in them are of great importance for the stability and usability of shades.

When selecting the awning the following should be considered:

  • which areas are shaded (balconies, terraces, pergolas …)
  • What is the width and the ejection of the awning. Strength of construction has to be adjusted to dimensions. Number of hands and their strength, type of tubes …
  • Type of foundation

Please follow below tips on maintenance of awnings. Regular maintenance will prolong their life and minimise costs for their repairing.

A few simple tips for maintaining the awnings:

  • Retract the awning during the rain, snow and strong wind.
  • Small cracks or holes should be patched immediately so that they do not expand.
  • Metal parts should be occasionally checked and painted if necessary.
  • Stains on the awnings have to be cleaned regularly. Use a soft cloth or mild detergent if necessary.
  • Wash the upper side with clean water occasionally
  • Clean the lower side with a wisk broom.

The awnings can have long life, but remember that there are also some things that can damage them in the long term:

  • Do not keep plants such as vines and shrubs near the awnings. Many plants contain acid which can harm your marquees.
  • Do not roll the awnings at cold temperatures
  • Do not clean them with strong chemical agents or abrasive brushes
  • Do not place any sources of heat such as gas heaters and grills close to the canvas awnings.
  • Do not twist the awnings when wet. Moisture can cause spots on the screen.
  • Do not leave earth stains, bird droppings and leaves on the awnings because they can cause stains.

Blinds are a very important part of our windows, balconies, terraces and large glass surfaces. The basic functions of the blinds are shading the space, room cooling and protection from unwanted views from the outside. Some of them also offer acoustic and thermal insulation, which can save money in the winter. Since the majority of the blinds offer different colours and materials, they also have a decorative function. Since there are several types of blinds, we need to be aware of their underlying strengths and weaknesses before buying them so that we can choose what type best suits us.

The purchase mainly depends on our desires and requirements. Whatever the desire, we must bear in mind that blinds are a very important addition to the external appearance of the building. With beautiful shades that will sit well with the interior and exterior of the house, the entire structure is enhanced, so we must be careful in the selection.


Shutters are our most established types of the shadows. They offer one of the highest quality protections against sunlight, as they completely darken the space. Manufacturers offer them in a variety of colours and materials. Wood was used in the past but today most of roller shutters are made of plastic. In some cases, the aluminium shutters are used. Their advantage is that they also offer thermal and sound insulation and protection from burglars. They can be mounted to all types of windows on the outer side. Installation of roller shutters takes place in the time of the building construction under the load-bearing lintel window, into the flat lintel above the window or as an additional installation to the window.


Blinds offer protection from the sun. They are usually aluminium strips of different widths, but occasionally wooden slats are used. You can choose between different colours, so they also have a decorative function. They can be operated very easily and have a long life. The light can be adjusted by rising or descending with the help of a string, lifting belt, foldable metal pole, wall switch or remote control. The installation can be done on all types of windows. They can be mounted on the inner or outer side or between glass. Due to the method of installation, the installation of external blinds has to be planned at the construction time. The internal blinds can be subsequently installed but are less effective than external.

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds do more than just serve as a protection from the sunlight. They are also intended for decorating business or residential premises. They are available in different materials, patterns and colors. So you can choose the ones that suit your tastes and at the same time we must also harmonize them with the space. By choosing the right colors and materials we can create a welcoming atmosphere. Vendors offer strips of different widths, which are usually made of antistatic and impregnated materials. The great advantage of strip curtains is that they are easy to maintain and easy to operate. They are suitable for roof inclined windows and semi-circular openings. We can mount them  into the interior space and are operated by the cord, wall switch or remote control.


Pleated curtains or plisse curtains are the inner blinds made of textile materials. They are suitable for shading windows, including skylights and conservatories. Treated fabric is impregnated and antistatic. They are treated with antistatic so they do not bind dust. They differ according to the light transmittance. Some of them transmit less light (decorative half translucent, transparent mesh fabric) and some of them keep the room darker. You can not completely darken the spaces with these blinds. They can be coated with a metal coating, which reflects the sun’s rays particularly well and is a good thermal insulator. We can open them in many different ways. Plisse can also be placed on the windows of irregular shapes.


Shutters are mounted on the inner side of the window. As in plisse blinds, the fabric varies in transparency. You can choose from a variety of monochrome blinds. Some vendors also provide blinds with different prints. There are several types of opening mechanism (wood blinds, curtain systems with aluminum tubes, ropes and closed systems with an aluminum cassette).


Awning or markizes are suitable to shade balconies, terraces, shop windows, restaurants and external shading in general. As they are badly exposed to external influences they must be very durable. They are made of high quality, UV resistant materials. You can opt for waterproof awnings that  will also protect us against rain. The awnings can be operated manually (with the drive rod) or by electric motor (with the remote control or a switch).

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