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Senčila Medle


Medle Company was founded in 1994, initially as a Metal design and shades Company sole trader, and in 2007 it was transformed in the Medle shading Company Ltd. (Medle d. o. o.) as a result of the family business Medle. It has been already engaged in the manufacture and installation of blinds since 1975. Today it employs over 40 people. Modern technological equipment, tracking market trends blinds and desire to overcome obstaclesgive an annual positive result.

The company has been constantly growing since its beginning. It offers sophisticated and high-quality products on the market and ncreasing its share and stability in the market. In 2003, the headquarters moved to a new location, a new production hall in the industrial zone in Cikava, which began production in one place. Quick adaptation to the needs of the market, always new designs and high quality materials are a fundamental feature of the company.

The core business of Senčila Medle Ltd. is the production, sale and installation of interior and exterior blinds, awnings, pergolas, parasols and systems to protect against insects. Products are distinguished by the quality, utility, and heat and light protection. Depending on the quality of raw materials, in process of marketing, manufacturing and assembly, we ensure that our products meet the needs and desires of each individual customer, both in residential, workplaces and public places. Products follow the requirements of conformity of the product prescribed by European standard EN 13561: 2004 + A1: 2009 – external blinds, with the required CE marking and BS EN 13120: 2009 + A1: 2014 – interior blind. The desire for an effective system of packaging waste management in 2012 we joined the two schemes: The Waste Management (Packaging & Packaging Waste) Regulations, and The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive.

Our products are recognized in Slovenia as well as in Western Europe and the countries of former Yugoslavia. The products and materials saled to the customers are done through a wide-ranging wholesale network. We are aware that customer satisfaction is crucial. For this reason, we operate in conjunction with a partner company ROLETARSTVO Medle Ltd., which has its own production of windows, doors, shutters and blinds. Our production programmes are complementary; so the customer can obtain all in one place. The overall motto of both companies is as follows: “From the windows to shades -all in one place, all in one master.”

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We are a reliable partner in the field of shading systems and protection against insects.

Our mission is to provide a full range of products and services in the field of shades in indoor and outdoor spaces and systems for protection against insects. Despite the extraordinary dynamic nature of the company the employees want to integrate their knowledge and experience with new ideas.

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We are a trusted forward looking company.

Our vision is to guide the company that with knowledge and quality services efficiently and professionally meets all present and future challenges through continuous adjustments to changes in the search for new ideas both at home and abroad.

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To build up a good reputation in the market by tradition, quality, compliance and commercial activity.

Our goals and policies are: to provide good reputation in the market with tradition, quality, compliance and commercial activity, which would enable us to market our products successfully.

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Our core values are: ​employees, customers, quality, long-term partnerships, fairness and social responsibility.

We encourage our employees with a system of remuneration, promotion, assessment of the performance, the choice of the best employee and the innovation of the year. We monitor our organizational climate in order to identify our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Motivation to work, honesty, diligence, productivity and loyalty to the company, as well as better social climate, result from the improving conditions of work life balance. In 2014 we received the basic certificate “Family Friendly Company” given by the Ministry of Labour.

We strive to make our solutions based on modern, world-renowned technologies and trends, which allow us to offer our customers greatest possible satisfaction and years of pleasure in selected products.

The company is aware of the importance of quality, therefore our product quality is never left to chance. It is a result of careful planning of the input components, excellent workmanship, supervision and assessment of customer satisfaction.

We strive to build and maintain long-term partner relationships with current and potential customers. These are the foundations for respectful relationships with our partners, as this way we can identify customers’ needs, methods and rules for mutual cooperation.

Our company works in favour of the company itself as well as all of our stakeholders and contributes to the development of the social environment in which we operate on the basis of fairness. We strive to identify needs of the environment and also respond to them with actions (participation in humanitarian activities, assistance in educational, social, sporting, cultural areas, etc.). Social responsibility is the cornerstone of sustainable development.

General Information

General information about Senčila Medle d.o.o.

NameSenčila Medle senčila in kovinoplastika d.o.o.
Short nameSenčila Medle d.o.o.
AdressPodbevškova ulica 31
Zip Code and town8000 Novo mesto
CommunityNovo mesto
Web sitesencila-medle.si
DirectorGorazd Medle
Company Registration number2320215
Tax identification numberSI72882875
Registration number1/05117/00 pri Okrožnem sodišču Novo mesto
Business account
NLB d.d.
Business account number 02970-0256662359
IBAN code SI SI56 0297 0025 6662 359
Business account BANKA KOPER d.d.
Business account number 10100-0044712339
IBAN code SI SI56 1010 0004 4712 339
Business account Addiko Bank d.d.
Business account number 3300 0001 0413 038
IBAN code SI SI56 3300 0001 0413 038

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